Hey, I'm Jordana, a Jewish girl from New Jersey without the accent or hair to prove it, I'm not sad about that. Southern California is my home base and the world is my vegan caviar...

I have the cutest hippie parents in NJ who have been married for over 40 years, a sweet, but totally bad-ass older sister (the kind who regularly dyes her hair purple, pink or green) who kills it at a San Francisco start-up, and friends across continents who collectively overflow my heart.  

I started Let's Go 180 to focus my personal research about what it takes for someone to make a "flip" on a trajectory that's tough to flip on. It's when life looks really good on the outside and it feels pretty good to the individual too, but it's not quite right.

Have you ever had that nagging feeling that what you really want isn't what you're doing? What do you do?

Most people do nothing. 

I found 50 people who did something: they made a 180.

I've published 25 of the interviews on this site. These are the stories of people who followed that feeling and took another trail.

This website has been my petri dish for self growth. Transformation happens when challenging the voice in your head that says, "Don't do that," or by doing something completely out of your comfort zone (like couch-surfing in your own city, auditing improv and acting classes in Los Angeles - a city that is VERY serious about improv and acting, sleeping in a beach hut known for rodents, living on a secluded Ashram in India, asking for a kiss from a stranger... the list goes on and on).

Throughout these self-imposed challenges, I learned and I blogged here. I found an empowering sense of self and a confidence to tackle almost anything I set my mind to (and not limiting that either). 

In 2016 I left my job as an Executive Producer at a big ad agency. It was one of the most challenging decisions I had ever made. I loved my role, but I wanted to try something else. 

And I did. I've started two companies. I've been teaching yoga and meditation. I've studied in India, worked at a famous wellness center in Thailand, I'm throwing retreats around the world and I've started a private practice for empowering female leaders. It wasn't all fun and private jets, there were also incidents of "Delhi-belly" in India, cockroaches sleeping with me in Thailand and a panic attack, maybe two. But through all of that, I'm still psyched about the bold moves I've made.

If you're considering a 180 of your own, I hope this blog can be your playground. If you want personal support, let's hop on the phone and see if we're a good fit for one-on-one. I'd be honored to help if you're serious about living a ballsy, exciting, love-filled life.