#3 Julie Notaro: The Wandering Boho

Julie Notaro

What if making 180 was as easy as ONE word?

Shifting into 180 can be as simple as it has been for freelance Producer Julie Notaro. A few years back, Julie went from a full-time advertising gig to working freelance. Just adding this word “freelance” opened up opportunity and a creative pathway for Julie at the time. Though she continued to be employed nearly full-time, rather than being tied to one place with set vacation, freelance allowed Julie to have greater control over her own schedule during the course of any period of time. This allowed Julie to take longer vacation to pursue her passion of world travel and as Julie shared, “to explore my creative side.” Thinking outside the box has provided Julie the time between jobs to travel to far-flung places like India, Laos, Chile and more.

Julie describes her dream of living a bohemian life, “focusing on travel, experiences and creativity, ultimately finding a way of generating income doing something I create.”

Before I came into my role as an Executive Producer at Saatchi & Saatchi, Julie had been freelancing in the position. I’ve since had the pleasure of collaborating with her on many projects, both while she was employed by my employer and while she was employed at other production companies. The pleasure is her attitude of gratitude, her interest in others, her passion for doing her job in excellence. To become a successful freelancer, it’s important to stay on the ball, especially as a Producer, so that your reputation remains as someone who can be called into a project as a swiss army knife, problem solving with joy.

Julie’s example shows that what may seem like a small tweak can open up a lot in ways of working, creativity and time. “My shift is incremental and ongoing,” Julie shared, “What’s exciting about my path is I’m staying open and honest with myself and am going with the flow as I travel this journey.” In the past few years as a freelancer, Julie’s creativity sparked the creation of her own lifestyle brand Wandering Boho. Celebrating the bohemian lifestyle through travel, art and fashion, it began as a blog and evolved into producing original designs printed onto scarves and other chic garments. Her next incarnation will be hosted retreats where people can explore their bohemian side.

For those of you considering 180, remember that small steps really add up. In support of 180 Julie says, “Life is a journey. When you look back on things you’ve accomplished you see all the little steps it took to get where you are. It can be overwhelming when you think about where you want to be and how to get there. Focus more on what you can do now, live in the now, take action in the now, at this moment you are creating your future.”

You can follow Julie and her art through her Wandering Boho Instagram.

Wandering Boho garments by Julie

Wandering Boho garments by Julie

What’s one word that says 180 for you?