#2 Archer Love: Ormus Does What?

Update October 2016: 180's extend to names too. We've changed our 180 expert's name in this article to reflect his name change. Of the change Archer tells us, "Everything is a constant evolution. I believe things should be free to change rather than being caged in a moment of the past." Well, cool! That's what 180 is all about! Enjoy!

Last Monday night I had a white milky substance hit the back of my throat. I’d had Ormus once before at a party. I’d written it off as a party trick, I didn’t care to understand the apparent power of this foreign substance. Don’t get carried away, Ormus isn’t what you might be thinking, though it’s gelatinous texture gives me a laugh. Ormus is Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements derived from Dead Sea Salt, containing trace elements of gold and other natural minerals that, together in this potion know as Ormus, is said to have miraculous healing powers.

I met Archer, the man behind Now Alchemy Ormus at LifeFood Organics a few days prior. I was there with my friend and healing goddess Tricia. The three of us shared a table and had a delectable raw food dinner.

“Everybody thinks I’m nuts,” Archer told me of his parents and of girls he meets, “So, I must be doing something right.”

Prior to selling Ormus, Archer worked at The Abbey, a popular gay club in West Hollywood. He’s an incredibly good looking guy which led to financial success at the job.  Despite the money, he felt trapped. He asked himself, “why am I not free?” and as the universe would have it: he looked out his window to see a car that read “freedom” on it’s side, propelling him to take a time out. Archer spent months in nature, recalibrating, searching for his purpose, all the while taking Ormus daily.

Away from the noise that can be overwhelming in LA, he intensified his meditative practices with Ormus. This led Prescott down the road to self love. When he stepped into self love, it was then that he realized he hadn’t had it before.

He shared that before self love, he didn’t have any real love in his life, “I thought (others) loved me unconditionally, but it wasn’t true because they loved me under their conditions.”

The Ormus gave Archer the confidence to follow his path, one in which he brings Ormus to the world supporting others in fearlessly living the lives they’ve always dreamed of or perhaps never had the courage to let surface.

I was attracted to Archer's intensity and we made plans to connect on his marketing. We spent the evening discussing his social media, networking, marketing and plans for expansion. We also connected as humans and in doing so, evoked life gems that inspired us both.

“I want to use my product, Ormus, to help heal vets with PTSD, victims of abuse, those struggling with eating disorders and addictions, people with mood and sleep disorders, actors and public speakers seeking increased focus, intelligence and energy, anyone who desires a greater ability to listen, feel and connect with others, those seeking to manifest and see their dreams clearly and anyone who wants to find and step into their potential!”

Claims of Ormus’s power span from anti-aging, cell-rejuvenation and increased awareness to lucid dreaming and a cure for all types of disease from AIDS to cancer.

I’ve been taking Ormus for about a week now. As instructed, I say a prayer for what I am creating, I take a dropper of it under my tongue, I swish, I swallow. Have I noticed a major shift? I’m shifting, but it likely isn’t the Ormus alone. My 180 lifestyle is to constantly shift, try new things, step toward health, even trying something that looks like, well, semen.

Semen aside, what I love about Archer and his Ormus goes beyond the product: it is the intention. Truly a perfect discovery as I think about 180s in life. As Archer described to me, “It supports you to take big leaps in life. You don’t have to take any big leap at once, but if you take a lot of Ormus, you might!”

Ormus led Archer to his 180. When he got clear about his path it was his heart that spoke to his brain and it was so loud that he couldn’t ignore it. “This is what brought me peace,” he said, “why wouldn’t I bring it to the world?”

How does Archer's story speak to you? Can you recall a time when your friend or family said you were absolutely nuts? Question your status quo as Archer has and #LetsGo180.