#4: Thriving On Fruit As A Diabetic: Robby Barbaro

Hanging out in Robbys food pantry

Hanging out in Robbys food pantry

I think that if every party had legit massage trains, I'd be out all the time. I met Robby Barbaro at a slam-poetry-good-people-vibin'-vegan-food-eating kinda party thrown by The Love Mob. This party went from good to great when Robby and I decided to start a massage train. A massage train begins with three people sitting in a line, each massaging the shoulders of the person in front of them. Within minutes our train grew to ten strong and we attracted two Reiki healers who gifted energy work down the line of us. Anyone who starts a massage train as unabashedly as Robby did, well that's someone I want to support. 

Robby is up to big things. He's a Type 1 Diabetic and despite the commonly held viewpoint that Diabetics can't eat fruit, Robby is committed to his Fruitarian lifestyle as a way to healthfully manage his insulin levels. A Fruitarian diet is one that consists of mostly raw fruits as well as vegetables. It's a niche community within raw vegans who adopt the lifestyle. You'll see it in the video below, Robby is vibrant, like the colors of the food he eats!

Robby's mission is to raise awareness for the benefits of a high-carb, fruit-based diet within the diabetes community. Robby embarked on the 180 that led him to this in December 2006 when he committed to a fruit-based diet. Of this he said, "it opened me up for a transformation in all areas of (my) life from relationships to complete awe of nature and the miracle that is life."

It is amazing how true that statement lands for me. When I changed my diet from vegetarian to vegan seven years ago, it gave me a new appreciation for where my food was being sourced. That led me not only to have more compassion for animals, but for the earth. Admittedly, I even began seeking out recycling containers when before I hadn't been as adamant. A 180 however you look at it means that you're getting information on something new. Information is a fun-house-style rabbit hole: you're seeking information for the 180 and you learn all around it. 

Though I'm not diabetic, I love having people like Robby in my life who inspire me to eat healthfully. I can always be better and when I've got a friend like Robby, he reminds me how easy it is to eat a delicious raw fruit-filled meal. Recently we made a spiralized zucchini pasta with mango tomato sauce (recipe below)! I'll be making this again, that's for sure. My belly felt full and happy from this meal!

Robby's influence goes beyond Diabetics, though for those curious about how Fruit + Diabetes works, Robby's got an extraordinarily helpful YouTube series What I Ate Today on his Mindful Diabetic channel. Robby is also putting the info out on Snapchat @MindfulDiabetic and Instagram so be sure to follow him there.

And if you're a brand who'd like to sponsor some of Robby's videos, I'm here to support him in making that happen so contact me for more info.

Finally, in this exclusive piece of video content, learn about how the Fruitarian lifestyle did a 180 on Robby's health, including his success story of shedding his sleeping boot (what?!)

He used to suffer from plantar fasciitis, acne, low energy and other ailments but today, with his plant-based fruitarian diet, Robby is managing his type 1 diabetes without side effects. Check out www.LetsGo180.com to read the rest of Robby's 180 story and to be inspired by others who have created 180 degree changes in their lives, leading them to greater fulfillment and a creative life!

RAW Mango Tomato Sauce Recipe

2 Ripe Mangos
2 Cups Tomatoes
2 Scallions
Raw Ginger

Put the mangos and scallions in the blender and blend on high. Then add ginger and jalapeƱo to taste. 

Did you know there are more variations of mangoes than days of the year? Check out a local Farmer's Market and see what you discover then share in the comments.