#1: Adult Coloring Book Author & Goddess Morgan Carson

One of many beautiful images available for download in Morgan's free Adult Coloring Book: Affirmations of the Goddess.

One of many beautiful images available for download in Morgan's free Adult Coloring Book: Affirmations of the Goddess.

Morgan is one of those women I adore supporting because her life's purpose is exactly that: supporting women's self-expression and celebrating their sensuality through her art. So given the law of attraction, I'm magnetized in sharing with Morgan the love that spills over whenever I have the pleasure of spending time with her.

Morgan entered my Love Hall of Fame (aka my heart) when we shared a fourteen hour drive from the Genius Loci festival in Baja, Mexico back up to Los Angeles in June of 2014. Caught by Mexican police in a highway trap for Americans making an "illegal" left-hand turn, Morgan and I shook in our seats as our friend Safa spoke to the cops in Spanish that neither of us understood. Now when I say we shook, I don't mean out of fear, but rather we had been bitten by the fun-bug. Morgan had already read me my human design chart and we were mid-car-ride-dance-party when the incident occurred. Though the cops didn't join what had become a somewhat subdued shimmy shake, they did let us on our way. I'd like to credit Morgan's infectious good spirit, but it might have also been thanks to Safa's sweet talking, coupled with twenty dollar bills. 

Morgan's 180 began when she left Seattle with her then husband so that he could pursue his career in LA. She had been thriving as an artist and fashion designer there. Through their time in LA, they eventually divorced, another 180, but all the while their core belief of love and support for one another held strong. To this day, Morgan's ex-husband Andrew is at her art shows and Morgan is singing Andrew's praises to all.

Morgan plays her way through life, and when in doubt, she's shaking her body to the beat! I've got to agree (and so does Taylor Swift) that if you just Shake it Off, life is a lot more vibrant. Morgan's joyful energy reminds me that the little stuff is just that, little stuff. We're put here on this planet to enjoy and to love. Morgan's Affirmations of the Goddess teaches us to celebrate our bodies. 

I have been blessed to support Morgan by connecting her with women through Instagram and Facebook as well as blogs to get the word out about her book. I was also lucky enough to attend one of her early coloring book parties, creating my very own affirmation. I chose "I am diving into adventure full of love and limitless possibility!" I say it daily, and you know, that's what #LetsGo180 is all about. 

What's your affirmation? Share with me below!

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